Maneless Lions & Man-Eaters

In certain climates, adult male lions delay growing a mane until they are much older; these lions are known as maneless lions. And strangely enough, three of the most notorious man-eating lions were maneless!

The largest man eating lion on record, measuring 5 feet from floor to ear tips and 10 feet 6 inches in length, was a maneless lion. Called the Man-Eater of Mfuwe, the lion killed six people in two months. It was shot in 1991 in Zambia.

Most famous, though, are the Ghosts of Tsavo. During a nine-month period in 1898, two maneless male lions killed between 35 and 145 men, taking them as they were building a railroad in Tsavo, Kenya. A fictionalized movie, The Ghost and the Darkness, was made of the story.

Maneless lions have been reported in Senegal and Tsavo East National Park in Kenya. The original white lion discovered in Timbavati was also maneless

These three famous man-eaters are on display in The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.
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Yikes! I guess they don't need that majestic mane to be fearful beasts!!
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