Is this really the Ugliest Dolphin?

Some people think so. 

Not known to exist before 2005, this dolphin is Australia's only native dolphin species. 

And it's in big trouble already! 


If You See a Glowing Dolphin...

In the Amazon night, pink river dolphins come to shore and change into handsome young men or "encantado". But before dawn, they must resume their dolphin shape and return to the river, where they glow an eerie orange.

Don't believe me?


Only Seven Dolphins

In 1820, a sketch of this dolphin was made. It was identified as a new species, sight unseen, in 1824.

Since then, only seven of these dolphins, net-caught or washed onto the beach, have been examined.
None have been captured alive.

What is this secretive creature?


The Acrobatic Dolphin

They jump, they twist, they flip, they spin.

Small and agile, these dolphins are true acrobats of the ocean. (Watch the video below to see one spin in slow motion)


What's black and white and swims upside-down?

One of the world's smallest dolphins! 

There are only about 25 in captivity, so I was lucky to see two at Sea World in San Diego.  I watched them for about 45 minutes, and they both swam around their tank upside-down the whole time.



Killers in disguise

We all know the Killer whale.  But what most of us don't know is that this guy is in disguise.

He's not really a whale!


Only elephants and primates can do this!

Look at the pictures below, and see if you can tell me what difference you see in how these babies get their milk.


Can dolphins stop a shark attack?

And do they really rescue swimmers? The answer to both of those questions is yes, and surprisingly often!

The first known story of a dolphin rescuing a man was told in 1700 BC in ancient Greece. But one of the more recent stories occurred in 2007, when dolphins rescued a California man attacked by a Great White shark!*