Jelly You Won't Find in Your Fridge...

They aren't fish, so their name has been changed... Sea Jellies

Which I like better than their old name... Jellyfish.

A sea jelly is made of the top part, called the umbrella, and the bottom part, called the bell.

Many live upside down, looking like plants on the ocean floor.


The Whistling Dog...

There is a wild dog.  

It whistles.

And chatters.

It mews and cries.

It even makes a chickeny clucking sound.

But in groups, it can kill a tiger!

Some biologists think our dogs are descended from this wild dog, not the wolf...


It's a Raccoon, It's a Dog, It's a...What IS it?

"Raccoon," you say, "Ho hum."

It's a wild dog, I say

"But that's not a wild dog....that's a raccoon," you answer.

Ahhh, but wait....check out the animal below.  

"Okay...THAT'S a raccoon!"

So what's that other raccoonishly amazing animal at the top?


When You Look Like a Werewolf... can be hard to love.  And maybe a bit scary.  And certainly rare.

Nicknames for this strange-looking guy are Horsehair Wolf, Skunk Wolf, Matted Wolf, Great Fox, and my personal favorite, Red-Fox-on-Stilts!

Funny thing is, he's not a wolf OR a fox.  So what IS he?


"Eye Candy"...Brought To You By God

This cute little guy is a Nudibranch (nu-dih-brank), one of the most colorful creatures in the world.

These amazing sea slugs are noted for their often extraordinary colors and striking forms. So far, more than 3000 species of these little moving rainbows have been discovered...but there are probably more out there!

Take a look at some of them below.  They look like fancy candies or ice cream yummies, don't they? 


Cool Frogs, Ewww Frogs, and Frogs We All Love

There are some strange frogs out there, too strange not to get a look at. 

There's the weird-but-kinda-Cool the ones below.  Some look like they might hang around Jabba the Hutt.  


When to Blend and When to Stand Out in the Crowd

Question: When should you stand out? 
Answer: When you have No Fear!

But is there a time to blend?
Oh yes!  You blend when you feel a bit...insecure.

That's what frogs do. Frogs have little with which to defend themselves; no claws or teeth, no bad breath (well, I'm not personally acquainted with frog breath, per se). 

So, many frogs camouflage themselves; disappearing into their environment.

Wanna see?