King, Superb, Magnificent...words for what animal?

Nope, not the lion...or any of the Big Cats.

Not the elephant...

or the whale.

In fact, the discoverers of these animals seemed to have used all the superlative names they could think of! 


Things You Never Knew About Turkeys

I just had to sneak in a little post about turkeys, because there are turkeys, but then there are turkeys!

The turkey you'll eat for the holiday comes from the original American Wild Turkey, seen below:


Getting Cozy With A Seahorse

Just get close to a seahorse. 

Real close.

And I bet you'll say to yourself..."unbelievable..."  

The silvery iridescence on the Lined seahorse above is like a powdering of stardust.  Amazing!  

As are the details on the seahorses in the following photos.  I think they will blow you away....


Zebras and Tigers of the Sea: Seahorses!

Seahorses are not just colorful chameleons, changing to adapt to their backgrounds.  Some have distinctive patterns of their very own.

Like Zebras...

and Tigertails.

Want to see?


You Need a Magnifying Glass for These Seahorses

They're very hard to spot because they blend in with the coral.

And they're small.

As small as your fingernail. 

So you swim by, never seeing the little gems that clutch the coral...


Seahorses Like You've Never Seen Before

We are all used to seeing seahorses like the ones above...

dried out...



Little skeletons, really.

But what you see above are NOT real seahorses...

Horses That Curl

Hard to believe your eyes, isn't it?   

I mean, is that a horse or a very tall sheep? 


Horses of a Different Color

Yes, I lived the dream...I had horses when I was growing up.  My favorite was a pinto named Daisy. She and I had so much fun together! 

My mom loved the appaloosa color, so we had a couple of those, too.

We never had a brindle horse; I have never actually seen one, though I love the way they look.

Appaloosa, pinto, and brindle are colors horses can have.

Want to see them?  Some of these colors are stunning...and strange!