Best of I Spy Animals 1

The year is winding down, marking my first year of I Spy Animals!  It's been great fun checking out the amazing creatures God has made. 

And to make sure we don't forget, I'm posting the most popular posts of this year, in order, just in case you missed something amazing! Here we go...

#1 - So what is a black panther, anyway?

By far my most read post! What exactly is a black panther?

#2Hedgehogs as pets?

A little overview of hedgehog types. What sort of pets do they make?

#3 - Golden Tabby Tigers

Did you know there are five different colors of tigers? No? Check this out...

#4 - Big cats with circles and rosettes

Ever wanted to tell a cheetah from a jaguar from a leopard?  This is the post for you!

Did you know there's an ongoing project to breed back the extinct Quagga from Plains zebra stock?

#6 - Can dolphins stop a shark attack?

And do they really rescue swimmers? The answer to both questions is found here...

#7 - When to Blend and When to Stand Out in the Crowd

Eye-popping frogs...and their invisible cousins!

Whew!  So when you're done, I know you will be amazed...and ready for some of that New Year's eggnog...

I know I am  ;)    See you next year!


Polar Bear Sleds...and Their Sled Dogs

I do have a thing for Polar bears. 

They look so furry and the bear pulling the sled below. 


Sheltie Sledding and Other Improbable Things

I have a little dog, a sheltie who weighs about 20 pounds.  Bella is small, but when I take her for a walk, she can practically drag me up the steep hills.  I've even wondered if I could harness her to a sled so she can pull me around when it snows.

Turns out that there are actual events for shelties pulling weighted sleds!

So imagine how much power a whole team of dogs would have.  Dog sledding has been around for a long time, but you have to check out these other animals that pull sleds...


Why It's Easy to Crash in England

Okay, you're driving along in England, admiring the green green green, and

Yep, there are some stunning sheep out there in the pastures of England.

And the green and red together look so Christmas-y.  But where did these sheep come from?


Christmas trees that grow in the ocean

After I started scuba diving, I realized that the best thing about being underwater is seeing new, but sometimes also  weird.  Remember those nudibranchs?

Take Christmas Tree worms for example. These guys look like plastic toy Christmas trees in a plastic toy forest.  Want to see? Check out their colors!


Frog Swallows Christmas Light

Hard to believe that this little Cuban frog was that hungry. 

Or maybe he was overcome with the holiday spirit?

Here's what the photographer says:


The Supreme Copycat Is Really... A Bird!

Amazing and...well, improbable!

This Australian bird can imitate any sound it hears.  

Jackhammer?  No problem.  

Kookaburra?  Piece of cake.  

Chainsaw?  Oh, yeah.

But you won't really believe it until you hear it...