Bengals & Savannahs...Exotic Cats for Pets

A few decades ago, a cat breeder had a really wild idea.  

She saw that people wanted exotic cats as pets. She also saw how often those exotic pets were discarded as they grew from cute kittens to big, hard-to-manage adults.

So the cat breeder decided to breed a type of cat that was tame and affectionate, but still exotic in appearance.

She chose an Asiatic Leopard Cat, and bred it to a domestic cat. And after several generations of careful planning, what she got was exactly what she was hoping for...


4 Stealth Mammals Uncovered in 2011

So we've all heard about the wolf in sheep's clothing.  

But what about the wolf in jackal's clothing?

Yes, it happened.

Last year, some people thought that there was something funny going on in the jackal world...


Yes, This Mouse Is Singing

In 1925, J. L. Clark discovered something unusual in a Detroit house. It was a mouse...that could sing.

He captured the mouse and listened to it singing in its cage.

It sounded like...

Hybrids: the good, the bad, and the really ugly

Sooo, Leapons and Narlugas. Amazing hybrid animals.

But what's a hybrid?  It's the result of a mating between two animal species, subspecies, genera, or family.

Hybrids are interesting because they're unusual...most animals that hybridize do so because of scarcity of mates in their own species, or changing territory patterns due to weather or other pressures.

Narlugas are the offspring of beluga whales and narwhals.  Though seen in the wild, there has not been one actually captured.
Check out the photos below:

Grolar Bears and Pizzlies...

You know I love Polar bears.  What you don't know is that I feel the opposite about Grizzlies.

Grizzly bears, to me, are frightening and huge and unpredictable; which really, Polar bears are, too...but Polar bears look cuter while doing it!  :)

Polar bears live at the top of the world, in the arctic regions. Grizzly bears live near streams and trees. But as the icepack gets smaller, more grizzlies venture farther north. 

Check out the maps of their ranges... do you see anything interesting?