Crushes Small Insects...or Large Bones

So what eats insects, but has the most powerful, bone-crushing bite force among mammals?

The hyena.

I once petted a hyena; and I put the experience in the same category as the first time I touched a was a shock.


Hyena Men of Africa

Now wouldn't it be a bit scary to come across a gang like this? 

I think so! Even though they have a muzzle on their....uh...hyenas.


Love's Doves...that will shock and awe

Oriental Turtle Dove making a heart with its wings

Awww... doves are so Valentines, aren't they?  Soft, pure symbols of love.  

And who hasn't seen the sweet turtle doves nestling together cozily?


Are another name for pigeons.

Which have been characterized as "rats with wings".

So why do "doves = love"

but "pigeons = pests"?


Does This Fur Make Me Look Fat?

The answer is... um... yeah.  You look fat, kitty.  

But that's not your fault.  You have the heaviest coat of any cat, because...