How to Recycle Animals

From the monstrous Aluminum Can Dragon to the ethereal Zip-Tie Bear, people are using trash to make art.  

Take a look at the above animal sculpture; it's beautiful...and made out of old tires!

But let me cruise you through animals made out of all kinds of junk...they are really something!

Three That Are Gone Forever

A hideous beast, armored and horned.

Aggressive and near-sighted and highly dangerous.

If it's charging you, and it very well might, you'll want to say your prayers.

Not everyone's favorite animal, for sure.

But what if it's gone?  Forever?  Would you care?

Here's a tiny portion of what the planet Earth lost in 2011.


Angry Birds

There are birds out there.  

Birds you may have never seen 

or heard of.

Big birds.

And they're angry.

The most dangerous birds on earth...

Attitude: Bad

Weaponry: Formidable...want to see?