The Penguin in Your Storm Drain

You almost don't even notice them.

You see squirrels and birds every day... maybe smelled a skunk or two.  You may have even chased a raccoon off your porch with a broom.

But have you ever had a baboon raid your home for food?

Move Over Silkworms, Spiders Coming Through!

A rare textile made from the silk of more than a million wild spiders went on display last week at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.
How did spiders produce this unique golden cloth?

Missed in Madagascar

I was once admiring huge slabs of granite in a warehouse when I came across something amazing; granite from Madagascar.  

Smaller than the rest, the slab stood like a glittering queen among the lesser, suddenly duller granite.  It had electric blue glints and rainbow flashes of Mother of Pearl. Fossils, each like a tiny nautilus, were embedded throughout the smooth surface. It was stunning! The photo of it below doesn't do it justice...

5 Animals Raised From the Dead

Remember Lazarus?  Jesus raised him up alive after he had been dead in the grave three days.

But in the scientific world, some animals have been raised from the dead after eons of time have gone by.