You think that baby deer above is so cute, don't you?

Look, how small! And soooo sweet.

But someday, that little baby is going to grow up.

And become a special sort of deer.

A tiny deer with tiny antlers, yes ... but

one that eats grass and small mammals!

A deer that defends its territory with its tusks!

Are you picturing Bambi-zilla?  :)


The Creature That Makes Perfume Smell Good...and Coffee Expensive!!

Here it is...but what is it? Raccoon?  Fox?

They're called toddycats in English, and musang in Malay.

They live in trees, plains, rain forests, and river... and, if you live in Africa or Asia, they just might slip through your backyard at night.

They're even kept as pets.

6 Ways the Intelligence of THIS Bird Can Be Terrifying

They're black and knowing.  Denizens of graveyards and Edgar Allen Poe's imagination. These birds were feared as omen-bringers and symbols of death.  

A group of them is known as a conspiracy; or even a murder...

But they're intelligent.  So intelligent that maybe we humans should keep a closer eye on them.  Why?