A Fish That Eats....Birds?

We see birds everywhere, eating seeds and worms.

Maybe you’ve even seen birds dive for ospreys do!

But have you ever seen a fish eat a bird?

The Giant Trevally fish does!

And Giant is a good word for this fish. It’s the size of a kangaroo and weighs as much as a grown man!

But how can a fish, even a giant one, eat birds?

Take a look at its mouth:

Source: Nat Geo


But despite the scary mouth, Trevallys are quite beautiful and silvery.

Source: Wikipedia

So how do they eat birds? When they see a bird swimming on the water or even flying over the water, they open their huge mouths and gulp them right down!

Source: Nat Geo

And Trevallys don't even have teeth!

Question: What’s the largest bird they can eat?
Answer: Whatever they can fit in their mouth! Ha ha

And did you know that Giant Trevallys can kill reef sharks? These are some amazing fish.

But don’t worry. If you swim in a lagoon where the Giant Trevally lives, it won’t bother you at all.

Just make sure your swimwear doesn’t have feathers. :)


Unknown said...

That's fascinating -God is an incredible creator!

I Spy Animals said...

I certainly agree. I sometimes think he created things that we couldn't have even imagined in our wildest dreams!