Creatures Perfect for Halloween

Hard to believe there's a bat actually perfectly colored for Halloween? Yep, there is.
Above is the Painted bat from Thailand. Amazing.

Orange and black,

or scary, 

or both...

the following creatures look designed for Halloween!

Check out what I mean...


The Only Mammal Painted like a Racecar

Patterned like a race car.  Spots. Splashes. Stripes. Stipples. 

Of all the mammals on earth, only one is painted like this...


The Plight of the Snow Giraffe

The critically endangered Snow Giraffe can only be found in one spot on earth; at the snowy center of Mount Kilimanjaro, an extinct volcano in Africa. 

But their numbers are deteriorating so quickly that finding one to photograph is rare.


Why the only REAL Wolves are Gray Wolves

There are many different sizes and colors of wolves around the world. Their colors range from white to gold, brown to red.

They are even bi-colored and tri-colored wolves. 

But did you know that ALL of them belong to only one species of wolf?


The Speed Demon of the American Plains

It's not an antelope or deer, in fact, there's nothing like it on earth.

It has horns instead of antlers.

Its eyesight is so keen, its vision is often compared to high-powered binoculars!

Its hair is hollow.

It runs as fast as a car on the highway; up to 55 miles per hour! Of all land animals, only the cheetah is faster

And it's only found in North America.....


Strange Ways to Go Dashing Through the Snow

What do you know about sledding?

Everyone knows about dog-sledding...the Iditarod, etc. So I had to post this gorgeous photo of a dog sledding team. Dogs have been known to sled 90 miles in one day, each one pulling 85 pounds apiece!

And then there's the more traditional sleigh pulled by one or two horses. The troika in the photo below, however, is pulled by three horses. (Troika means three of a kind.)