Grolar Bears and Pizzlies, Oh My!

Grolar Bears and Pizzlies, Oh My!

You must know by now that I love Polar bears.  

What you don't know is that I feel the opposite about Grizzlies.

Grizzly bears, to me, are frightening and huge and unpredictable; which really, Polar bears are, too...but Polar bears look cuter while doing it!  :)

Polar bears live at the top of the world, in the arctic regions. Grizzly bears live near streams and trees. But as the icepack gets smaller, more grizzlies venture farther north. 

So far north that they meet up with....Polar bears!


If You Invite a Giraffe to Breakfast....

If You Invite a Giraffe to Breakfast....

Don't be surprised if he shows up.  

Especially if you are in Kenya, Africa. That's because giraffes at breakfast-time are an everyday occurrence at the Giraffe Manor* there!  

Take a look at the possibilities...

"Stranger Things" in the Cow World

You see them by country roads; in dairies, and grazing in the fields.  They all look the same.

They're just cows....

But I bet you haven't seen some of the strangest cattle in the world.

Let's take a look:


The Horse that Winter Couldn't Kill

Sprinkled among the wild horses running free in Nevada were mustangs whose fur was....different.

It was curly!

In the winter, the wild horses' fur grew longer and thicker to keep them warm. For some horses, that meant their fur got longer and curlier.

One day, a rancher noticed these wild curly-coated horses, but didn't think too much
about them.

Then a very cold winter set in.


A Fish That Eats....Birds?

We see birds everywhere, eating seeds and worms.

Maybe you’ve even seen birds dive for fish...like ospreys do!

But have you ever seen a fish eat a bird?


Creatures Perfect for Halloween

Hard to believe there's a bat actually perfectly colored for Halloween? Yep, there is.
Above is the Painted bat from Thailand. Amazing.

Orange and black,

or scary, 

or both...

the following creatures look designed for Halloween!

Check out what I mean...