When You Look Like a Werewolf...

...you can be hard to love.  And maybe a bit scary.  

And certainly rare.

Nicknames for this strange-looking guy?
Horsehair Wolf
Skunk Wolf
Matted Wolf
Great Fox 
and my personal favorite, Red-Fox-on-Stilts

Funny thing is, he's not a wolf OR a fox.  So what is he?

He's called a Maned wolf and he's a type of wild dog...and..

there's no other wild dog like him on earth!

He's the tallest at 42" high...a bit taller than a countertop.

And he has the longest legs of all dogs...take a look, below:

He does look like he's on stilts! 

He has a strange roar-bark, but is very shy of people.

Because the Maned wolf lives in South America, he eats some pretty strange stuff. 

In fact, half his diet is fruit and vegetables.

And you have to see the Maned wolf pup.  He's born completely black, with big floppy ears!

So cute!  

You can hear a Maned wolf roar-barking, below:

The Maned wolf is one of my favorite animals...what about you?



The Tiniest Horses in the World

They're very hard to spot because:

-they blend in with the coral

- and they're small

They are as small as your fingernail. 

So you swim by, never seeing the little gems that clutch the coral...

They are Pygmy seahorses!

How many times did I miss them in my dives around Bonaire and Tahiti?  Could there have been dozens of Pygmy seahorses, all watching me?

Let's look at what I might have seen if I had looked closely:

They look more like little candies than real seahorses!

Now let's have a bit of I Spy fun!  How hard is it to spot the Pygmy seahorses in the photos below?

Woohoo, that last one is a doozy to see!  Did you spot him?

And here's the newest Pygmy seahorse discovered...so new, it's not even named yet.

I like the little star shapes all over him.  I would name him the Star seahorse...what would you name him?

And here is a two-minute Nat Geo video of these seahorses; each the size of a grain of rice...or the top part of this exclamation point!


Animals that Drag People Around

While a team of Saber-tooth tigers would be a fun ride, I don't happen to own any Saber-tooths at the moment.

I DO have a sheltie, though.  So my style is probably more like this:

Okay, I had to post this gorgeous photo of REAL dog sledding. Dogs can sled 90 miles in one day!
Dogs pulling people around is as old as time, but you have to check out these other animals that pull, or even carry, people!

Riding a buffalo!Who knew you could do that?

Did you know you can ride the Texas Longhorn?

Now, wait! People can actually ride a moose?  
Ha ha, I didn't know that.

A really good reason for riding animals is racing them, and there are some interesting races going on in the world...
Believe it or not, England has both ostrich AND zebra racing!

In winter, it's fun to race reindeer:
And no, the reindeer aren't in distress...they tend to run with their tongues out  :)

In the hotter parts of the world, look for camel racing!

What fun! There is also yak riding and elephant riding.  

But I had to dig deep in the archives to find improbable animals pulling carts. Take a look at these old photos!
Pigs pulling a milk cart! And just where was the mother of those kids in the lion cart?  

Then there's this:

What kind of animal do you want to ride? Leave me a comment!


Creatures In Your Easter Basket

I'm not talking about poodles that look like cotton candy...though they're really cute, aren't they?

I'm talking about real creatures. Made by God. 

That look like candy!
How can this be real?  Look at that fuzzy yellow fur.  And pink and yellow wings. 

Let's see if his face is just as sweet:

But what kind of candy is he like? I'm thinking those marshmallow "Peeps"... like maybe this guy belongs in your Easter basket. Let's see what that would look like:

See him in there? It could happen!

Below, you see the Candy Betta fish... and they definitely look good enough to eat!

So these colors must help the Candy Betta fish hide in... jelly beans?  Maybe the speckled jellybeans you might find in your Easter basket.

Aha!  The Candy Betta fish hides in jelly beans!

Then there's the Jewel Caterpillar...
I know, I know, it looks like a gummy!

What if there were Easter candy gummies out there? 

There are...little bunny gummies.  And the perfect place for our Jewel caterpillar to hide in.  Can you see him?

Okay, we need one last candy-looking creature for our basket. 

The Chocolate bunny!
by Mesa Terasita

Yes! It's all coming together!

There are four different candy-looking creatures hiding in the basket above. 
So check your Easter basket carefully... and say a friendly "Hello" to anything unusual in there!


The Wild Pig That Never Was

What animal sweats pink,

...has skin that cracks easily in the sun,

...only comes out at night,

...and is only 30 inches tall?


Jelly You'd Never Find in the Fridge

They aren't fish, so their name has been changed...

...to Sea Jellies

Which I like better than their old name... Jellyfish.

A sea jelly is made of the top part, called the umbrella, and the bottom part, called the bell.

Many live upside down, looking like plants on the ocean floor.


Does this Fur Make Me Look Fat?

The answer is... um... yeah.  You look fat, kitty.  

But that's not your fault.  You have the heaviest coat of any cat, because you live in some of the coldest places on earth; Mongolia and Siberia.  Brrrrr.

In Mongolia temperatures can fall to -57 degrees and kill millions of livestock animals.

But cold doesn't kill Pallas' cat.

Photo credit: Terry Whittaker

Though the size of a house cat, this cat is made for winter.  It is stocky, small-eared, and fuzzy.  And its tail is thick enough to be a muff, sheltering its face from the icy blasts.

So what does the Pallas' cat find to eat out in those snowy wastelands?

But it's a bit strange-looking.  I mean, check out this picture below... there's a little bit of monkey in that face, don't you think?

Can you pinpoint why it doesn't look quite like a cat?

Let's compare face to face: 

  • The ears are small, roundish, and way low on its head
  • And check out the eyes...the Pallas' cat's pupils are round, not slits like in a regular cat.  
  • And where's that cute little line that goes from the nose down to the mouth?  

Want to see Pallas' cats in action?

They don't make good pets...think of the vacuuming!  But check out exotic cats that do make good pets here.