Polar Bear Sleds...and Their Sled Dogs

I do have a thing for Polar bears. 

They look so furry and the bear pulling the sled below. 


The Colors of Tigers

Did you know that tigers aren't just yellow and black?

Let's take a look at different colors they can be.

White tigers have white fur instead of yellow, with stripes of different black, brown, and gold.

So the two tigers in the first photo are a white tiger with a regular tiger.

Black tigers have yellow fur, but lots of wide black stripes. Take a look at this one:

But there is another tiger color people have reported through the years.  The blue tiger!

Could there be a tiger out there that looks like this?

I certainly hope so!  :)


Fish You Can Walk On

Ever think about what you've got on your feet?  

Here are some fishy shoes that I think are just lovely. 

I love the little googly eyes on these...and they're actually sold on Amazon!

The Fishy Floppies below have a tiny fish on the strap! You can get these on

I love these Fish Flops...which I don't think you can actually buy anywhere!

And that's sad.. because these are the ones I would want on my feet!

Do You See What I See? Color Camo!

Do you see this man? He's not easy to spot. He's wearing certain colors to camouflage himself in a tree. 

Color camo makes the shape of his body hard to see.

Some Animals have color camo built right into their bodies! I'll show you!

The leopard is circled, just to get you used to looking for animals in color camo.

On a leaf.

Okay, this would be some scary mud!

This is a bit harder to spot...look for 
its closed eye

A Master at color and shape camo!

It's upside down

Even larger unspotted animals use their color camo:

Rocks hide animals, too.

And this big guy...who would have thought his colors keep him camouflaged?

Now I have a little camo photo that has an animal in it....but it's sooo hard to find! 


If you can't find it, scroll on down....the creature is circled below:

I couldn't find it, either!


When You Look Like a Werewolf... can be hard to love.  And maybe a bit scary.  

And certainly rare.

Nicknames for this strange-looking guy?
Horsehair Wolf
Skunk Wolf
Matted Wolf
Great Fox 
and my personal favorite, Red-Fox-on-Stilts

Funny thing is, he's not a wolf OR a fox.  So what is he?

He's called a Maned wolf and he's a type of wild dog...and..

there's no other wild dog like him on earth!

He's the tallest at 42" high...a bit taller than a countertop.

And he has the longest legs of all dogs...take a look, below:

He does look like he's on stilts! 

He has a strange roar-bark, but is very shy of people.

Because the Maned wolf lives in South America, he eats some pretty strange stuff. 

In fact, half his diet is fruit and vegetables.

And you have to see the Maned wolf pup.  He's born completely black, with big floppy ears!

So cute!  

You can hear a Maned wolf roar-barking, below:

The Maned wolf is one of my favorite animals...what about you?



The Tiniest Horses in the World

They're very hard to spot because:

-they blend in with the coral

- and they're small

They are as small as your fingernail. 

So you swim by, never seeing the little gems that clutch the coral...

They are Pygmy seahorses!

How many times did I miss them in my dives around Bonaire and Tahiti?  Could there have been dozens of Pygmy seahorses, all watching me?

Let's look at what I might have seen if I had looked closely:

They look more like little candies than real seahorses!

Now let's have a bit of I Spy fun!  How hard is it to spot the Pygmy seahorses in the photos below?

Woohoo, that last one is a doozy to see!  Did you spot him?

And here's the newest Pygmy seahorse new, it's not even named yet.

I like the little star shapes all over him.  I would name him the Star seahorse...what would you name him?

And here is a two-minute Nat Geo video of these seahorses; each the size of a grain of rice...or the top part of this exclamation point!

Animals that Drag People Around

While a team of Saber-tooth tigers would be a fun ride, I don't happen to own any Saber-tooths at the moment.

I DO have a sheltie, though.  So my style is probably more like this:

Okay, I had to post this gorgeous photo of REAL dog sledding. Dogs can sled 90 miles in one day!
Dogs pulling people around is as old as time, but you have to check out these other animals that pull, or even carry, people!

Riding a buffalo!Who knew you could do that?

Did you know you can ride the Texas Longhorn?

Now, wait! People can actually ride a moose?  
Ha ha, I didn't know that.

A really good reason for riding animals is racing them, and there are some interesting races going on in the world...
Believe it or not, England has both ostrich AND zebra racing!

In winter, it's fun to race reindeer:
And no, the reindeer aren't in distress...they tend to run with their tongues out  :)

In the hotter parts of the world, look for camel racing!

What fun! There is also yak riding and elephant riding.  

But I had to dig deep in the archives to find improbable animals pulling carts. Take a look at these old photos!
Pigs pulling a milk cart! And just where was the mother of those kids in the lion cart?  

Then there's this:

What kind of animal do you want to ride? Leave me a comment!