Tiger Cub Loves Little Piggies - Funny Friends Friday

These little pink piglets aren't laying lifeless because this
tiger cub got hungry!

They are actually fast asleep and the little tiger, in Guangzhou 
park, China, likes nothing more than to jump around on top of
them for fun.

The tiger cub was abandoned by its mother and is being raised
by the mother of these little piggies.

And in a reversal, these tigers are mothering little piggies!
Too funny!  Have a great Friday!


Dolphins of a Different Color

Dolphins are sometimes born a bit off-color.

And sometimes they're born with no color at all!

There's an all-white Common dolphin, named Caspar, who is consistently seen on a certain whale watching tour. But there are also dolphins whose albino coloring makes them pink!


When Dolphins Fall in Love...

Sometimes a dolphin falls in love with a dolphin that's not their own kind! And when that happens, the baby is called a "hybrid".

Ever hear of a Wolphin? That's a hybrid of a Bottlenose dolphin and a False Killer whale (which *we* know is really a dolphin in disguise; see Killers in Disguise)  

Scroll down, and you'll see a picture of a Wolphin!


I Just Can't Resist!

Dolphins are so amazing that I can't resist showing you an illustrated series of them below.

Take a look at the blue freshwater Tucuxi dolphin and the squid-scarred Risso's dolphin.


The Only Mammal Painted like a Race Car!

Patterned like a race car.  Spots. Splashes. Stripes. Stipples. 

Of all the mammals on earth, only one is painted like this...


Something you'll probably *never* say

We go to Sea World. We take boat cruises. We go deep sea fishing. 

And though we might see an abundance of sea mammals, we will probably NEVER truthfully say, "Look, there's a porpoise!" 

Why not?


Funny Friends Friday: Unlikely, but true!

A monkey and a pigeon have become inseparable at an animal sanctuary in China.

The 12-week-old macaque - who was abandoned by his mother - was close to death when it was rescued.