Distracted by a Bizarre Rodent

I was going to write about the two rarest wild dogs in the world!!

But I got distracted.

By the most amazing rodent I have ever seen...

(besides the Rodents-Of-Unusual-Size, of course)  :)

You've got to see it to believe it.

Oh, you've already seen the top photo, haven't you?

Can you believe it?  It's a Long-Eared Jerboa!

Almost nothing is known about this guy, except he lives in China and the Gobi desert.

And his tail is crazy long.  And his ears are crazy big. And look at those amazing hind legs!

And check out this cool video of a live Long-Eared Jerboa making a burrow...

He moves around kind of like a wind-up toy.  Strange. And amazing. 

So I'll have to tell you about the rarest wild dogs on earth next time...if I don't get distracted again!  :)


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