The Web-Footed Dog

This guy is one of the most rare of all wild dogs!

No one knows much about him, but what we do know is this: 

He stays near water,

he has webbed feet,

and he lives in armadillo holes!

Want to know his name?

He's called the Bush Dog!

Here's two pictures of his whole body.  

He has a squat body, short legs, and look at his tail!  It's tiny!

He looks kind of like a marmot.  Ever see one of those?  No?  Okay, here's a side-by-side photograph:

Okay, maybe side by side they don't look a lot alike, but there's some similarity, right? 


Because the Bush dog lives in South America, he eats some strange things...

Tapirs? Agoutis? Capybaras?  Whew...

And, get this...I just saw a picture of someone walking a Bush dog on a leash! Here it is, thanks to Jim Scarff:

I wonder what kind of pet they make??

Got questions?  Let me have them...leave a comment for me below!


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