A Smack of Jellyfish

You're watching Animal Planet and the camera zooms in on five lions lazing in the sun.  You think, hey, a pride of lions.

In the distance, you notice wildebeest, hundreds of them ... a whole herd.

You glance at the aquarium next to your TV and notice that, as usual, your six neon tetras are moving together in a school.

Then your pack of four Yorkies jumps up on the couch with you, searching for the cheese puffs they know you've dropped.

Pride, herd, school, pack; these are words that describe bunches of the same animal. Easy. 

But what would you call, say, seventeen otters?


Can You Really Spy Animals?

Let's have some fun with camouflage!

Take a look at the following images and pick out the animal(s) 
in each one.

And DON'T miss the chameleon video at the very's astounding! Just turn down your speakers; the music is techno-obnoxious.

The answers will be at the end of the post...but leave me a comment and tell me how many you found before peeking!

Keepin' It Clean

Jingles was a great horse.  He was young, but fairly gentle, and coming along in training as a good cowhorse.

But one day, he wouldn't let his owner slide the bridle over his ears.  No matter what she did, Jingles thwarted her at every turn. He even nipped at her.

The next day, Jingles reared up and struck out when she approached. 
He shook his head, bared his teeth, and made deep discontented noises.

The vet was called to examine Jingles, but he was so wild, he was tranquilized first.  And as he looked the horse over, the vet found something strange.

Three huge ticks were embedded deep inside one of Jingles' ears.  Those ticks, feeding uninterrupted inside his ear, were the reason he was acting crazy. The vet removed the ticks and put them in a jar for us kids to look at...they were each the size of a large marble!

Poor Jingles... if only there'd been an Oxpecker around...