Strange Ways to Go Dashing Through the Snow

What do you know about sledding?

Everyone knows about dog-sledding...the Iditarod, etc. So I had to post this gorgeous photo of a dog sledding team. Dogs have been known to sled 90 miles in one day, each one pulling 85 pounds apiece!

And then there's the more traditional sleigh pulled by one or two horses. The troika in the photo below, however, is pulled by three horses. (Troika means three of a kind.)


Polar Bears and the Sled Dogs They Love

I do have a thing for Polar bears. 

They look so furry and white...like the bear pulling the sled below. 


The Strangest Tiger That Ever Lived

There was a tiger that lived in Australia and Tasmania. But it was not like the tigers you're familiar with.

It was the size of a wolf, striped; very rare and very special. How special?

 - It was the largest meat-eating animal in Australia and Tasmania

 - It had a pouch like a kangaroo, which means it was a marsupial.

 - Both the female AND the male had pouches

 - Its tail was heavy and thick, like a kangaroo tail

 - It could open its jaws twice as wide as any wolf or dog could... a full 120 degrees wide!

Here it is: the Tasmanian Tiger