The Dewlap Zebra

The Mountain zebra is the second of the three zebras species we'll study, so take a look at the first photo.
This zebra lives in small family groups, not large herds. Its ears are normal-sized compared to the Grevy's Zebra and it's stripes are broad and widely spaced at the flank. 

Let's look at three simple IKs and the corresponding photos:
1st IK*: Dewlap on the throat of adult animals. Overall broad and thin stripes.
2nd IK: Broad pattern of stripes on flank are horizontal and change to vertical where the belly and flank meet. No underbelly stripes.
3rd IK: Back stripes zig zag across the back and get smaller toward the tail. 
These IKs will soon have you able to choose the Mountain zebra out of a whole herd! Stay tuned for my next post on the Plains zebra.

*Identification Key, or IKs, as seen and described in the photos. (More about identification keys here.)

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