Seeing spots...a Big Cat Test

We've been through all the big cats now, and I just want to know one thing. Can you identify a big cat when you see one?

Let's start with the fur. Take a look at all the fur samples below, and see if you can identify them all.  And just to refresh your memory, here are their names:

Clouded Leopard
Snow Leopard

If you can't identify all of them, look below because I will give you a big hint to help you out!

Can you do it now?   Keep scrolling to see the answers.  Study them well, because my next post will present the actual cats for you to identify!

How many did you get?  Comment and let me know!


Anonymous said...

i got the cougar and lion confused!

Anonymous said...

I got them all although i am a complete animal freek especially with big cats i could do all of them with there proper names too wich either means im very clever with animal knowlege or im a complete freek =}

Anonymous said...

I was right with all of them. I read about animals all the time. :)

zewsząd i znikąd said...

I got all correct. :) I admit that for some time I used to have a problem distinguishing leopards and jaguars - I didn't notice that the leopard is much more slim and has smaller spots, plus I never remembered which one has small spots inside the rosettes - but now I learned to distinguish between all of them.

Unknown said...

I got the snow leopard and the clouded leopard mixed up

tbk said...

All of them! I guess leopard and jaguar are most easily confused if you don't have the habitat context.