The classic tuxedo blonde!

Here are the ones everyone recognizes...the classic black and white penguins!

Didn't know they are called Brush-tailed penguins, did you? They have long stiff tails that give them their name.

These are the most common of all penguins, found in the Antarctica and the islands surrounding. But all of the Brush-tailed penguins require a snow-free nesting area where they build a nest encircled by stones.

1st IK* - Black head, white belly (the Chinstrap penguin has a black top head and a black strap around its a helmet!)

2nd IK - Long stiff tail

3rd IK - Pink feet

Take a look at the picture below... here's the tuxedo in blonde! 

And try to answer these two questions:
  • What kind of penguins are these?
  • Is that an albino or a leucistic penguin?

*Identification Key, or IKs, are characteristics used to identify an animal. (More about identification keys here.)

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