Elephants can't run

Elephants can walk. They can also walk faster. But they can't run or jump, gallop or trot.

But don't get any ideas; an elephant walks faster than you can run!

So it's good to be able to tame an elephant, but the only one that can be tamed is the Asian elephantThis elephant has been used for heavy labor, hunting, war, and transportation. 

Check out the picture at the top. The Asian elephant has a keeper,  or mahout, seated on its neck to control the elephant, while the howdah on its back carries passengers.

Here's how to identify an Asian elephant:

1st IK*:  Small ears; each smaller than the head

2nd IK:  Convex or "rounded" back

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Stay tuned for the beast that some think should be named the fourth type of elephant... and watch for "the elephant as art"!

*Identification Key, or IKs, are characteristics used to identify an animal. (More about identification keys here.)

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