Friday Fun: Boomer and Me

Okay, yes...this is me in younger days. 

I am at a photo shoot at Shambala, the actress Tippi Hedren's ...

amazing big cat sanctuary in Acton, CA.  

With me is Boomer, a leopard free to roam the sanctuary. He followed me around for a bit, then graciously allowed me to touch him. Believe me, touching a live and uncaged leopard is not something you can do every day of your life! 

I remember weighing his tail in my hands.  Even now, I am amazed at how heavy his tail was.  Claws? Who needs claws? I really think he could've injured someone with just one whack of that was like a thick steel cable!

Shambala exists solely to house abandoned pet cats...but only BIG cats, like tigers, lions, bobcats, even a jungle cat. Shambala provides these animals with a lifelong home, thanks to Tippi, the ROAR Foundation, and generous donations.

So if you're in California sometime, check out Shambala. And if you see Boomer, just remember...don't mess with his tail!  :)

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