If You Invite a Giraffe to Breakfast...Part 2

Don't be surprised if he shows up!  

Especially if you are in Kenya, because giraffes at breakfast-time are an everyday occurrence at the Giraffe Manor* there!  Take a look at the possibilities...

Notice the blue tongue? Yeah!

Looks like fun!  Wouldn't you love to have a giraffe at your table?

Then...giraffe hand art, below.  It took me a second to figure out how this was done...and kind of makes me want to try it.  :)

And...who would've guessed?  Frogs that look like giraffes!
The world is an amazing place, isn't it?  Don't miss any of it!  :)

*For more on Giraffe Manor, go here: http://www.giraffemanor.com/

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