Not for the Faint of Heart...

 You've probably seen Glass fish, the see-through kind, at the pet store. But have you ever heard of the Glass frog?

That's him, above. The light under him goes through the leaf, and then shines right through him, turning him into a neon frog!

But there's the under side as well, which is even more amazing.  

And maybe a bit gross.  

So for all you tenderfoots out there, don't scroll down any further!  :)

Okay, here it is!  A great shot of the topside and underbelly of a Glass frog. 
Kinda bizarre.

But if that picture didn't bother you, you've got a good chance of really admiring the colors and transparency of the following one:

And you know, I've been looking for a shirt in that exact turquoise color....

Now let's take a look at the topsides of a few really amazing Glass frogs (you may recognize our old friend, the Hypnotoad, among them).

I personally like the orange-dotted guy, top left.   

The bottom left guy reminds me of some kind of candy you'd want to just pop in your mouth.  Although on second thought....ewwww!

Which frog do you like?  

Or maybe you prefer the really unusual glass frog below:

Ha ha. Got any Glass frog thoughts? 

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