Cool Frogs, Ewww Frogs, and Frogs We All Love

There are some strange frogs out there, too strange not to get a look at. 

There's the weird-but-kinda-Cool the ones below.  Some look like they might hang around Jabba the Hutt.  

And, really, the Lemur Leaf frog looks created by a computer for the Avatar movie or something!

Then there's the Ewwwww frogs, at least for me. I wouldn't touch any of these guys (in fact, I don't think I could even view them while eating!).

Icky, aren't they?  

But thank goodness there are the frogs we all know and love. Remember these guys?

I LOVE Frog and Toad!! 

So let me know which of the Cool, Ewww, or Beloved frogs you like!  Or don't like.  I really want to know  :)

For some incredible close-ups of some amazing frogs, check out  Rune Midtgaard.

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