The Whistling Dog...

There is a wild dog.  

It whistles.

And chatters.

It mews and cries.

It even makes a chickeny clucking sound.

But in groups, it can kill a tiger!

Some biologists think our dogs are descended from this wild dog, not the wolf...

Meet the Dhole!

Looks kind of like a Red fox, doesn't it? 

But don't worry, you can tell the difference between the two:

First, the Dhole has eye pupils (the black part) that are round

The fox has squished-oval pupils...take a look:

But in case you aren't close enough to see the eyes, here's another way to tell:

The Red fox has black legs, but not a black tail - 

The Dhole has a black tail, but not black legs - 

And...notice the black on the backside of the Red fox's ears?  Dholes don't have that!

Want to see all three types of Dholes?

Dholes live in Asia, and when in groups they can pull down creatures ten times their size!  But they also eat lots of veggies...rhubarb being a big favorite.  :)

Did you ever know Dholes existed?  Let me know...leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

Nice to know. And beautiful photos.

Unknown said...

researching them for a project. What a lovely little post.