The REAL Wild Dog

There are lots of wild dogs in the world.  

They range from the Raccoon dog to the Dingo to the Bush Dog.

But when someone says Wild Dog, THIS is the animal they are probably talking about...

Also known as:

The Cape Hunting Dog,

The African Wild Dog,

The Painted Dog,

or my favorite...

The Ornate Wolf

This dog lives in Africa in packs of up to 100 animals. 

It has a "bite force" more powerful than any other wild dog anywhere.  That means it can chomp through stuff that would be impossible for others!

And when it hunts, it's much more successful than lions at catching prey. The score is this:

Lions - 30%    Wild Dogs - 80%

Let's look at what the Painted dog so often gets to eat:

And I love the different colorations of this animal.  Check out these patterns and colors:

If you really like the colors, you can make your own dog into a Painted dog...

That is funny!

To see some amazing pictures of the African Wild dog, check out this site

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