Warrigals and World Records

The longest fence in the world was built because of this wild dog!

The reason was simple.  Dingos eat sheep.  Australia has huge sheep ranches.  

Before the Dingo Fence was completed, a single sheep ranch lost over 11,000 sheep to Dingos in one year.

How long is the fence?  3,488 divides a continent!

Look at the map, below, to see just how huge this Dingo Fence is!

The Dingo, or Warrigal, is an Australian wild dog.  It probably arrived there thousands of years ago with the aboriginal people. 

A pure Dingo has white feet and a white-tipped tail. 

But Dingos readily breed with today's domestic dogs, creating can see on the map where hybrid Dingos are (light & dark green).

The map above will also show you where pure Dingos exist today (tan). 

 And the photo below will show you what pure Dingos look like.

Dingos live in small groups and eat some interesting marsupials!  Take a look below...

Notice the sheep in there?  heh heh

But I know what you're wondering.  

Did the Dingo fence work?

Not completely...holes were found along the fence through which Dingos have passed, allowing Dingos to repopulate the ranching area.   :)

For some beautiful photos of Dingos, check out this site.

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