Horses of a Different Color

Yes, I lived the dream...I had horses when I was growing up.  My favorite was a pinto named Daisy. She and I had so much fun together! 

My mom loved the appaloosa color, so we had a couple of those, too.

We never had a brindle horse; I have never actually seen one, though I love the way they look.

Appaloosa, pinto, and brindle are colors horses can have.

Want to see them?  Some of these colors are stunning...and strange!

Brindle is amazing! Especially the middle one.

Here are some of the "splash" colors a pinto or paint horse can have:

Kind of fun!  I like the bottom one...

And here's my mom's favorite, the appaloosa:

All of the above horses are "leopard" appaloosas...the last one is gorgeous!

What about you? 

Oh and you can't count the tiger horse at the top of my post...that color was created by a computer!  :)


Lori said...

My five year old daughter likes the top brindle best. She thinks it looks like knitting. She also likes the black and white appaloosa at the end.

I Spy Animals said...

Knitting...hey she's right! Never thought of that! What an imaginative girl. :)