Seahorses Like You've Never Seen Before

We are all used to seeing seahorses like the ones above...

dried out...



Little skeletons, really.

But what you see above are NOT real seahorses...

A REAL seahorse is one of the jewels of the ocean; colorful and amazing!

Did you know there are at least 47 different types of seahorses?  

And that they can change their colors to match their backgrounds?

Let's look at some of them:

 Love the green guy...and that little Dwarf is cute!

Here's some more:

 Pot-bellied seahorses? Did you ever know they existed?

I always wonder at the amazing things God made that we haven't even seen yet.  

We are going to look at more seahorses in the coming days...and some of these guys will knock your socks off.  

So get ready!


Judy said...

I LOVE the dwarf seahorse!

I Spy Animals said...

Wait til you see my upcoming post on Pygmy seahorses!