Things You Never Knew About Turkeys

I just had to sneak in a little post about turkeys, because there are turkeys, but then there are turkeys!

The turkey you'll eat for the holiday comes from the original American Wild Turkey, seen below:

American Wild Turkey

And here is the actual domestic turkey you find on the farm and grown specifically for your table:

Domestic Turkey

But there is another kind of turkey...the Ocellated turkey.  

Ocellated Turkey

He lives in Central America, and he sure is gorgeous.  Maybe too gorgeous to eat...ha ha.  Check out this close-up of his feathers:

And the pink turkey at the top of this post?  Computer generated color...but I had to get your attention somehow, didn't I?

So have you ever wondered what people in Turkey call turkeys?  

They call them hindis! 

Happy Thanksgiving!   :)

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Emma R said...

O.O So pretty! When I eat my turkey, I shall say sorry that he had to go this way ;)