The Zebras and Tigers of the Sea


They can be colorful chameleons, changing to adapt to their backgrounds.  But some have distinctive patterns of their very own.

Like Zebras...

and Tigertails.

Want to see?

Pretty amazing!  Zebra seahorses can be found living in Australian coral.

And then there's the Zebra-Snout seahorse:

And now for the Tigertail seahorse!

And if you think these photos are amazing, wait until you see my close-ups of seahorse faces...coming up next post!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the Zebra, Zebra-Snout, and Tigertail seahorses!


Unknown said...


I Spy Animals said...

I think so, too!

Heather Perley said...

I want one!!!

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(uuuu! \ \
(uuuu ! \ _ \
( uuuu !
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( uuuu !
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Anonymous said...

Love 'em!

holly short said...

Really, really cool!

I Spy Animals said...

Heather, your seahorse is amazing! Great job.

Mark Rauch said...

We enjoy stopping by your blog to see the very interesting photos of God's crazy creatures! Thank you for doing a great job of introducing us to all the unique animals. --Melissa for the Rauch family

I Spy Animals said...

You are so welcome, Melissa...I love doing it!

Anonymous said...

Very strange looking creature.At first I thought it was a drawing made to look realistic.

Anonymous said...

They are all so beautiful. They're fragile yet, so strong, very devoted and loyal. What a wonderful creature to be.