Bengals & Savannahs...Exotic Cats for Pets

A few decades ago, a cat breeder had a really wild idea.  

She saw that people wanted exotic cats as pets. She also saw how often those exotic pets were discarded as they grew from cute kittens to big, hard-to-manage adults.

So the cat breeder decided to breed a type of cat that was tame and affectionate, but still exotic in appearance.

She chose an Asiatic Leopard Cat, and bred it to a domestic cat. And after several generations of careful planning, what she got was exactly what she was hoping for...

The Bengal cat was recognized as a true domestic cat breed in 1977.

But since then, many other exotic cats breeds have been established..the Safari, the Chausie, the Junglebob...

Never heard of them? Want to see where they all come from?  Well, starting with the aforementioned Bengal Cat, I created a little picture genealogy just for you...check it out.

Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat - first documented in 1889:
These cats are very active, fun-loving, and involved; they want to know what you're doing, why you're doing it, and if they can help! 

Price: $500-$3000

Savannah Cat
Savannah Cat: (it's more like a dog)
Much more social than typical domestic cats, they're often compared to dogs in terms of loyalty. They can be trained to walk on a leash and even taught to play fetch!  

Price: $950-$9000

Chausie Cat
Chausie Cat: 
Known for their speed and nearly 6-foot vertical leaps, these cats are high-energy, curious, and affectionate.

Price: $850 - $1800

Safari Cat
Safari Cat:
A new hybrid, this cat is affectionate, though extremely rare and difficult to produce. 

Price: $4000 - $8000

Jungle-Bob Cat

Jungle Bob (or Junglebob):
These cats are high-energy and can be polydactyl; that means they can have extra toes on each foot.  Check out the toes on the Jungle Bob in the bottom picture.

Price: $1000 - $1500

Cool cats, huh?

I love the Savannah! The silver one below is actually a Savannah cat bred back to a Serval. Beautiful! 

But probably pretty pricey!  :)

So which one do you like best?  Or do you have one already?

Leave a comment and let me know! 


Brooke and Jonathan kamke said...

I really like the Safari cat. I had heard of the savannah cat but these others are quite interesting.

Emma R said...

Aw, the Junglebob cat is super cute and looks really affectionate.

holly short said...

Wow. I LOVE the Safari and the Bengal cats. They are so amazing! I want one...

I Spy Animals said...

I agree, these cats are pretty amazing! And I want one, too :)

MrsKohl said...

Hi This post was really interesting! Long ago, I made friends with a domestic cat that tended to be very doggy in character. I enjoyed his company so much so I choose the Savannah cat. I like his ears, too!

I Spy Animals said...

Savannah cats rule! I wonder if your cat friend had a Serval in its ancestry? :)

Lois said...

They all look so cute!!! I guess they will go on my list of things to get when I am rich. :)

Anonymous said...

my brother has a Bengal cat. they're pretty awesome.

Caitlyn said...

I like the bottom pic version of the savannah. Otherwise, I think chausie is my favourite : D