Yes, This Mouse Is Singing

In 1925, J. L. Clark discovered something unusual in a Detroit house. It was a mouse...that could sing.

He captured the mouse and listened to it singing in its cage.

It sounded like...

...a bird!

He gave the mouse to scientists at the University of Michigan, who confirmed that the mouse could, indeed, sing. An article was written about it in 1932, and then mostly forgotten.

But in 2004, a scientist studying mice in the wild recorded what sounded like a plaintive wooing song...and discovered it came from a Deer mouse!

It has since been determined that male mice sometimes sing to attract female mice.  Want to hear? Check out these two videos...

After all these years, who knew?  Pretty amazing!  


Anonymous said...

Wow. Somebody should make them sing in an opera ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I never thought that mice could make such sounds! SO CUTE!!! :) <3

Miss Molly said...

I want one!!!