Angry Birds

There are birds out there.  

Birds you may have never seen 

or heard of.

Big birds.

And they're angry.

The most dangerous birds on earth...

Attitude: Bad

Weaponry: Formidable...want to see?

Power: 190 pounds behind those raging claws

So what is this creature?  Some new video-game creation?'s the cassowary, from Australia and New Guinea.   

See the "casque" on top of its head?  That's said to be made of a styrofoam-type material covered by a hard latex-type material.  Strange bird but strangely beautiful!

And deadly.  These birds have killed humans and eviscerated dogs. Soldiers in WWII were warned about, but still injured by, them. Even zoo-keepers have been seriously injured by those murderous dagger claws.  

Why are cassowaries angry birds?  They are very don't cross their boundaries. That is, if you can possible know where their boundaries are.

So, lesson for today: when in Australia, carry a police riot shield and have your cell phone speed dial set to 911 (that's 000 in Australia)   :)

Want to see a cassowary attack?  Not too scary to watch, but it would be scary to be in it.

Then, you gotta listen to this song about deadly Australia, written to attract tourists...too funny (for the faint-of-heart: there are some pics of a spider bite and jellyfish stings...)

So come to Australia...just have your medical insurance paid up!  :)


James Fontecchio said...

Not the best place to vacation.

I Spy Animals said...

You're probably right...though I've always wanted to see Australia. The animals are amazing!

Lois said...

He,he, nice friendly birds... not. :)

I Spy Animals said...

Stay far far away.... :)

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