The Ninjas of Camouflage

God created some amazing animals.

They aren't wildly spotted or striped.

They aren't blazing with color.

They don't have tusks and horns.

In fact, you'd even have a tough time noticing that they're here.

But they are.


Or maybe on top of cover... overcover?

Check out the amazing ninjas of camouflage...leaf-mimic animals. 

First, the Leaf Insects:

Next, the Leaf Fish:

And, the Leaf Reptiles:

And my favorite...

Isn't God amazing?


Emma R said...

Wow. I love the leaf geckos! :D

I Spy Animals said...

They're my favorites. :)

Jim said...

God must also have a sense of humor.
Well documented.

I Spy Animals said...

Absolutely...just look at the giraffe!