The Skin of the Seahorse

Just get close to a seahorse. 

Real close.

And I bet you'll say to yourself..."unbelievable..."  

The silvery iridescence on the Lined seahorse above is like a powdering of stardust.  Amazing!  

As are the details on the seahorses in the following photos.  I think they will blow you away....

Can you believe these exist somewhere in the sea?

Keep scrolling!

The one above looks like a dragon up close, doesn't it?

And here are my very very favorite photos!

Did you know the seahorse is considered a carnivore? He eats shrimp, small fish, and plankton.

And one parting shot...

Maned seahorse

Don't forget to leave me a comment...were you amazed?  I really want to know!

To see some more really amazing seahorse photos, go here: ARKIVE 

Photo credits: Lined Silver Seahorse © Felicia McCaulley
Bottom Maned Seahorse photo © Photography by Martina


Unknown said...

I love these creatures!

Jim said...

Stunningly Fabulous. As strange as this creature is, it has majestic characteristics.