Alligators in the Sewers of New York?


Dumped as babies into the plumbing of the Big Apple, they've grown to monstrous size. And they might come back up the pipes and into your bathtub... right?  

Well, just in case the picture above has you concerned, there's no hard evidence that there are gators in the sewers of New York. 

Why not?  

New York is too cold for an alligator to survive there in the wild.   :)

Of course, who knows about sewers in warm cities. Ha ha

Crocodilians are cool and toothy looking, but the three main types look a lot alike.  So let's take a closer look and see how to tell them apart:

Top view is cool too...

Got it?  For more croc craziness, check out my posts on gharials and false gharials.  

And after that, you might be ready to take a fun little test to see how well you know your crocs!


rochambeau said...

It has been interesting and a joy to read your posts. Thank you!

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