The Only Mammal Painted like a Racecar

Patterned like a race car.  Spots. Splashes. Stripes. Stipples. 

Of all the mammals on earth, only one is painted like this...

The dolphin!

We're used to the gray-blue of the Bottlenose, but dolphins come in a great variety of racing patterns and colors. 

Let's take a look:

And here's more!

My favorite?  The Commerson's swims upside-down! See it here.

 Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite dolphin pattern is

Got questions about dolphins? This Scholastic site has a whole bunch of answers:


Mr. Perley said...

My favorite is the White Sided , 'cause it has those cool spots on the pectoral fins.

Anonymous said...

We love them all! Dolphins are our fav!

Jessica, Daniel, and David

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