Jelly You'd Never Find in the Fridge

They aren't fish, so their name has been changed... Sea Jellies

Which I like better than their old name... Jellyfish.

A sea jelly is made of the top part, called the umbrella, and the bottom part, called the bell.

Many live upside down, looking like plants on the ocean floor.

But there is so much amazing beauty in a sea jelly, that you need to see more right now!

Oooh, I love that snowflake jelly.  And the little spaceship one.

Well, that's what I call them, but they do have real names...look at the photos above and see if you can pick these out:

 Egg Yolk Jelly
Flower Hat Jelly
Red Lantern Jelly
White Spotted Jelly

 and below, the first one is called a 
By-The-Wind-Sailor!  I am not joking. 
He's not a true sea jelly, but he's amazing!

I'd name the bottom left guy the Kite Jelly.  
And the bottom right one...Firecracker Jelly!

Some jellies are so small, you need a microscope to see them. 
But some are gigantic!

That's a Lion's Mane Jelly.

Uh, I don't think I'd swim that close...

So what eats the Jellies?

Other Jellies!

So do sea turtles, and...

those luscious little sea slugs, nudibranchs. Remember them?

Got questions? Leave me a comment!

And check out Shedd Aquarium's site for more amazing Sea Jellies.

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