Hedgehogs as pets?

Hedgehogs are small spiny mammals that eat insects, frogs, berries, and even worms.

Unlike porcupines, their spines are fixed on their back so when they roll in a ball, they are prickly all over. 

But hedgehogs are easily kept as pets because...

...they only roll into a ball as a last resort. They get along well with dogs and cats, and can be fed ferret or cat food; many pet stores even have hedgehog mixes.

Hedgehogs can be kept in a large cage, and need access to water, food, and a place to hide.  And get a plastic (not wire) wheel because hedgehogs love to exercise! can train a hedgehog to use a litter box and let it roam around a contained area of your house.  But be warned, they will chew through electrical cords and gnaw on the soft wood of furniture.

Photo by wallpaperace

Reasons to have a hedgehog:
  • they are hypoallergenic
  • they are small
  • they are quiet
Reasons not to have a hedgehog:
  • they don't fetch or play games
  • they may bite when upset
  • they live only 3-5 years
Want to know more? The Exotic Pets ebook will tell you all the pros and cons of hedgehogs, ferrets, and more.  Download yours now.

Below, check some different types of hedgehogs, and answer the question at the end...  

Long Eared Hedgehog

African Pygmy Hedgehogs

Did you spot the albino hedgehog in the pictures above?  I knew you would! :)

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Anonymous said...

AAAA! I WANT A HEDGEHOG!! You actually got the pic I pointed out ;)

A.K. Huie said...

I have a hedgehog! He's a baby african pygmy with a champagne coat color! He's cute!

I Spy Animals said...

Where did you get him? What's his name?

Lindsay said...

Awww!! The long eared hedgehog is sooo cute! (Although it actually looks kind of like my dog)
Can baby hedgehogs curl up in a ball too? Or can they only do it as adults?

I Spy Animals said...

The babies roll in a ball, too! The second pic on this post shows a baby almost completely rolled up... :)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have one that has bitten them?

Hog Mama said...

I just got my first hedgie. LOVE HIM! But I feel the need to point out that the above picture of the white hog is not albino, notice the dark (not red) eyes. He looks to be more cinnamon. There are 92 recognized colors of hedgehogs available. Nuts, right? Love the site and the pics :)

I Spy Animals said... me, his eyes look pink along with his nose. I'm looking at the fifth pic of hedgies. Maybe I should get a pic that's more clear. Thanks for the comment and have fun with your hedgie!

Anonymous said...

I def see an albino hedgie!! :)

Anonymous said...

I Def See An Albino Hedgie :)

Anonymous said...

They are very cute!! To bad here in AZ they are illegals, so we can not buy or have them in our homes , anyways there is no way to buy cuz we have not see them in any pet store

Anonymous said...

Hedgehogs actually can NOT be kept in a hamster cage (it's much to small for them) or a ferret cage (the multiple levels poses a falling risk because they have very poor eyesight). And they shouldn't be left to roam the house freely, you'll probably find it dead somewhere. African Pygmy Hedgehogs actually live between 4-9 years. But they definitely are great pets! Each and everyone has unique personalities, just make sure to get them from a USDA certified breeder (you'll get a much more social and well cared for pet) and make sure they don't have a history of WHS (neurological disorder). They're adorable and wonderful pets! :)

I Spy Animals said...

Thank you for your comments! I changed my post to reflect them. :)