Painting on elephants

Elephants have been painted on for thousands of years.  

In the past, they were painted for war!  But today elephants are painted and decorated for festivals, ceremonies, and just for display.

There is an Elephant Festival in Jaipur, India, which begins with a beautiful procession of bedecked elephants. The owners proudly embellish their elephants with vibrant colors, embroidered saddle cloths, and heavy jewellery. It is quite a treat to see female elephants wearing anklets, which tinkle as they walk.

An award goes to the most beautifully decorated elephant!

Elephant polo, elephant races, and a tug-of-war between an elephant and 19 men are the featured events of the festival.

I think painting on an elephant would be fun and creative...but a lot of work!  What do you think?

The Asian elephant is an endangered animal. 

  For more information, visit: Earth's Endangered


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