Do Albino Giraffes Exist?

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Do Albino Giraffes Exist?

No. At least, no one has ever seen one.

But there are some "white" (leucistic) giraffes around!

Okay, you know me... I love the abnormal colorations in animals. 

So let's take a look, below, at some normal giraffe colors (top)...

and then some leucistic giraffes (bottom):

Pretty cool. 

The bottom left one especially is amazing! A little area of complete black! How did that happen?

The bottom right giraffe has normal-colored legs! Weird. As of this post, he's alive and living wild in Africa, in a herd of normal-colored giraffes. 

He really stands out. But luckily for this guy; giraffes don't get killed by poachers because there's no "market" for giraffe horns, or skins, or meat. AND, they eat leaves off tall trees, and not farmers' crops.

So our "white" wild giraffe may live to a ripe old age! 

Here are some more strangely colored giraffes:

Let me know what you think of "white" giraffes; leave a comment for me!


Fiendisher said...

I'm also interested in animal genetics, anatomy, biology, etc., this blog has been interesting to check out.
First I was thinking about cattle - would like to know so much but information's hard to find. Then, zebras and now I'm just more sure about my knowledge. I'm a horse freak btw.

And now these graffes. It's interesting animal and this post was superinteresting! That black splash in that giraffe, if it's something similar like horses have? About genes and mutations... (I just don't know english words for things, not even in my own language. Sorry if my english messes.)

Unknown said...

Giraffes are my favorite animals, but now my favorites are rare unusual giraffes! Pretty much the same, but I love them! I first discovered them in a book called Elephants and Other Land Giants.

Anonymous said...

Albino Giraffe does exist. I have a picture from one taken in 2006 in Katavi National Park in Tanzania.

I Spy Animals said...

I'd love to see a photo of your albino giraffe! Do you have a site you can post it to?

okedoke said...

okedoke said...

yes they do.

I Spy Animals said...

The animal at that link, Ken, has leucism, a condition where there is a partial loss of pigmentation resulting in white, pale or patchy colouration of skin or hair. Unlike albinism it is caused by a reduction in multiple types of pigment, not just melanin.