Best of I Spy Animals 1

The year is winding down, marking my first year of I Spy Animals!  It's been great fun checking out the amazing creatures God has made. 

And to make sure we don't forget, I'm posting the most popular posts of this year, in order, just in case you missed something amazing! Here we go...

#1 - So what is a black panther, anyway?

By far my most read post! What exactly is a black panther?

#2Hedgehogs as pets?

A little overview of hedgehog types. What sort of pets do they make?

#3 - Golden Tabby Tigers

Did you know there are five different colors of tigers? No? Check this out...

#4 - Big cats with circles and rosettes

Ever wanted to tell a cheetah from a jaguar from a leopard?  This is the post for you!

Did you know there's an ongoing project to breed back the extinct Quagga from Plains zebra stock?

#6 - Can dolphins stop a shark attack?

And do they really rescue swimmers? The answer to both questions is found here...

#7 - When to Blend and When to Stand Out in the Crowd

Eye-popping frogs...and their invisible cousins!

Whew!  So when you're done, I know you will be amazed...and ready for some of that New Year's eggnog...

I know I am  ;)    See you next year!

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