Christmas trees that grow in the ocean

After I started scuba diving, I realized that the best thing about being underwater is seeing new, but sometimes also  weird.  Remember those nudibranchs?

Take Christmas Tree worms for example. These guys look like plastic toy Christmas trees in a plastic toy forest.  Want to see? Check out their colors!

When you first swim by Christmas Tree worms, you think, "Are those plants?"  But when you get too close, they all suck back into their holes.  The whole forest of them gone in the blink of an eye!

These guys don't move around.  They stay in one spot, each one holding out two Christmas trees. Their spiral branches are used for breathing and catching food that floats by!

That dark blue one looks like he's got a little flaming "candle" on his tree  :)

   Greg Wagner Photography

And I like this guy because he's on Brain coral...and you just gotta love that name, Brain coral, don't you?

Okay, we gotta do this...let's look at a Brain coral:

It looks like a giant's brain fell out and landed on the ocean floor. Cool, huh? 

You know, corals are animals too.  Maybe I can do a post on some different kinds.  What do you think?

But getting back to the subject at you believe me, don't you, that Christmas trees grow in the ocean?  You can tell your astonished friends, and then let it slip that you saw a giant's brain down there, too!  ;)


Caity ™ said...

Woah...they're pretty, heh.

Judy said...

Who knew? Christmas year-round!

I Spy Animals said...

If you're a fish... :)

Miss Molly said...

Wow! Those are just gorgeous (Not the Brain Coral!) I love the blue one the best. I want one.

I Spy Animals said...

You can have one if you own a saltwater aquarium. And if you own a saltwater aquarium, you can get a seahorse, too!

Cherry Blackwa said...
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Cherry Blackwa said...

All the trees describing Mark Hutchinson the own cuteness, and that dark blue one looks like he's got a little flaming "candle" on his tree, I really like. Thanks for sharing.