The Supreme Copycat Is Really... A Bird!

Amazing and...well, improbable!

This Australian bird can imitate any sound it hears.  

Jackhammer?  No problem.  

Kookaburra?  Piece of cake.  

Chainsaw?  Oh, yeah.

But you won't really believe it until you hear it...

This is the amazing Superb lyrebird!

And here is a short video of what it can do!

Now is that proof of a really amazing God?  I think so!

To see a lyrebird that imitates car alarms and camera drives, check out BBC's Life of Birds lyrebird snippet on (You just have to watch 5 seconds of a commercial first!)


Anonymous said...

I love the lye bird. So unique!

I Spy Animals said...

Yes...almost too hard to believe!

Anonymous said...

that's incredible!

Caitlyn said...

Mockingbirds and parrots can imitate huge varieties of sounds as well (:

Heather Perley said...

Beautiful feathers too!