Chocolate Zebra!

Black zebras...and now the Chocolate Zebra!

Sometimes, a zebra is born with strange stripe patterns and large areas of black. 

The above zebra however, was sighted in Vumbura, Africa.  The safari guide who spotted the pair says that this strangely patterned zebra foal is the third one born to this particular zebra mom since 2005. None have survived to adulthood.  :(

The following photos illustrate some of the variety possible in the stripes or, in the top and bottom photo, spots of the zebra!

To see "White" zebras, check out my blog post "When Zebras Go Pale..."


Name That Dog....a Little Test

  Wild dogs!

Were you paying attention?  We'll soon find out...

Take this easy, breezy test to find out how well you know your dogs...remember:


The Mystery of the Wrongly-Named Dog

Elusive, shy of people, a real mystery dog.

This wild dog (like the Bush dog) has webbed toes.

And, strangely enough, the female dog is way bigger than the male.  Not too common in the world of dogs!


The Web-Footed Dog

This guy is one of the most rare of all wild dogs!

No one knows much about him, but what we do know is this: 

He stays near water,

he has webbed feet,

and he lives in armadillo holes!

Want to know his name?


Distracted by a Bizarre Rodent

I was going to write about the two rarest wild dogs in the world!!

But I got distracted.

By the most amazing rodent I have ever seen...

(besides the Rodents-Of-Unusual-Size, of course)  :)


Warrigals and World Records

The longest fence in the world was built because of this wild dog!

The reason was simple.  Dingos eat sheep.  Australia has huge sheep ranches.  

Before the Dingo Fence was completed, a single sheep ranch lost over 11,000 sheep to Dingos in one year.

How long is the fence?  3,488 divides a continent!

Look at the map, below, to see just how huge this Dingo Fence is!


The REAL Wild Dog

There are lots of wild dogs in the world.  

They range from the Raccoon dog to the Dingo to the Bush Dog.

But when someone says Wild Dog, THIS is the animal they are probably talking about...

Also known as:

The Cape Hunting Dog,

The African Wild Dog,

The Painted Dog,

or my favorite...